RSS-BJP: Towards Kashmir, Arab-Israel Conflict and Bangaladesh


by Dr Ram Sakal Singh
Hard cover
year of publish 2016

Product Description

In a democratic system of governance in a country, such as India, political parties play a great role in the formulation and determination of country’s attitude towards different issues in internal administrative functions as well as international affairs.
Therefore, a study of interaction between the principles and ideology of political parties and their attitudes towards issues of foreign policy is of great importance. This interaction, in relation to opposition parties, is extremely relevant because opposition party today may be a ruling party tomorrow and the views of ruling party today are often influenced by the attitude and criticism of opposition parties.
This book gives a descriptive account of the Arab-Israel conflict, Kashmir issue and crisis of Bangladesh with special reference to the attitude of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) along with its mentor RSS and Indian National Congress towards the said problems. Attention has also been paid to analyse the critical approach of BJP towards the foreign policy of the Government of India. Thus, it is wrong to believe that BJP is a political party of Hindus and it stands for the cause of Hinduism. It is more an allegation of some vested interests who wants to malign the secular approach of the party? In fact, BJP stands for an integrated India and the doors of the party are open to all citizens of the country belonging to any community and race.
What the party wants is to bring basic changes in the concept of all those people who live in India but look at other countries. BJP is a political party of all those who have undivided faith and true devotion to India. The book also highlights the developmental approach of BJP governments headed by Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Present Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the centre.


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