Nothing to Hide: A Civil Servant Reveals


Author:- Surain Singh Dhanoa, IAS
ISBN:- 978-81-7049-519-2
pages:- 388
Hard cover
Year of Publications:- 2017

Product Description

Experiences of Bureaucrats in public life may be a great source of inspiration for coming generation of bureaucrats specially when the retiring bureaucrat has to face many ups and down, socially and administratively during his life.
The present book is a saga of a poor Punjab village sikh boy who rose to the top in civil service. His narration, more or less, would indicate as to how every opening in life was exploited to succeed and control various vicissitudes and crises that he faced. Bearing all the hurdles, ultimately he joined the IAS (Indian Administrative Service) at the age of 24.
The author was in the IAS for more than 34 years and had the opportunity to serve the country during very crucial days since partition such as during the crisis with Pakistan, days of emergency, frequent changes of government due to political crisis, Operation Blue Star, etc. etc. Since the author had the opportunity to work at various important state/central government assignments, he has described in detail the handing of public disturbances including the assistance of armed forces, interaction of civil servants and politicians, conduct of General Election in India etc. etc. He never hesitated to act if the matter or issue was in public/national interest. However some of his actions came for scrutiny before four judicial commissions of enquiry but in all these, his decisions stood vindicated.
The book also describes how the civil servants recruited as the best of the university graduates loose their shine as they advanced in their career. The security provided in the service rules and their inability to deliver under political executives stunts their growth as human beings.
The book, an interested reading and inspirational as well, will be found very helpful for civil servants, administrators, politicians, students of history and politics in one way or the other.


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